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Why you should use Organic Manuka Honey?

Posted by : | On : 05-04-2013 | Comments (0)

Benefits of Organic Manuka Honey

The use of honey in cooking will enhance the flavour of foods and it will also give them a new and unique taste; when you are using honey for cooking then you can use both raw as well as processed honey but when you are using it as a remedy for wound healing or treatment of infections then always use raw and organic Manuka honey. When honey will in raw form then its effectiveness and strength for the treatment of infections and diseases will be very high but after the process of pasteurization, strength of honey will reduce; therefore, always buy organic and raw honey for the treatment of infections or allergies.

Although, several countries are producing Manuka honey but the anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties of the Manuka honey of New Zealand are higher as compared to Manuka honey of any other country; therefore, scientists recommend the use of New Zealand Manuka honey for the manufacturing of medications, lotions, creams and ointments and for the treatment of diseases. You can easily identify the difference between the ordinary Manuka honey and the Manuka honey of New Zealand such as Manuka honey of New Zealand will be dark and more bulky and no artificial ingredients will be added in this honey.

The organic Manuka honey is available for different purposes such as you can get wide range of Manuka honey for cooking and if you are looking for varieties of Manuka honey for wound healing then a wide range will also be available for this purpose. The Manuka honey will be easily available on all retail stores with very affordable rates and you can also get the facility of online purchase of the Manuka honey because big retail stores such as wallMart provide this facility to their customers.

Do Not Use Pasteurized Manuka Honey for the cure of Allergies and Ailments  

The organic Manuka honey will be more potent as compared to pasteurized honey because many useful enzymes of organic and raw honey will be destroyed during the process of pasteurization; therefore, pasteurized honey will contain low anti-biotic and anti-septic properties. The use of polyfloral honey is also helpful to control infections and allergies and if Manuka honey is not available in the raw and organic from then you can use organic polyfloral honey as the substitute of Manuka honey because it contains high antiseptic and antibacterial compounds in the raw and organic form.

The organic Manuka honey contains the natural pollens, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, aromatics, carbohydrates, proteins and antibiotics which are highly beneficial for protection of skin. Therefore, you should not purchase the commercial or regular honey because only benefit of using commercial honey is that you can easily pour into your milk or tea because it will be not thick as raw honey. The use of Manuka oil is also beneficial for skincare treatment; therefore, manufacturers of skincare products use Manuka honey and Manuka oil to produce quality products for the protection of your skin.


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