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New Zealand Manuka Honey- Pros and Cons

Posted by : | On : 30-05-2013 | Comments (0)

Advantages of Using New Zealand Manuka Honey

New Zealand has worldwide popularity for the production of pure and organic honey; although, all varieties of honey of New Zealand are exported to all over the world but demand for New Zealand Manuka honey is higher as compared to all other varieties because taste and potential health benefits of this honey are higher as compared to all other brands of honey. Therefore, when you are purchasing the Manuka honey then always prefer New Zealand honey because health-giving properties of honey will only be found in the native tea plants, red Manuka and Kanuka plants of New Zealand.

The Rewarewa honey of New Zealand is also gaining popularity among people due to its unique flavor and taste but this popularity cannot reduce the popularity and demand of the Manuka honey of New Zealand. You can use Manuka honey for several purposes such as you can use it for eating or for the cooking and the most important use of Manuka honey is medical use such as it is used for the cure of infections and it is natural wound healer; therefore, you should keep Manuka honey of New Zealand for both eating or cooking purpose as well as treatment purpose.

New Zealand Manuka honey can be directly applied on the skin and wounds but you should use the creams or lotions containing Manuka honey as an active ingredient of these products because it is not right to apply it directly on the wounds or skin due to its sticky texture. Although, direct application of Manuka honey does not involve any risk and only for the convenience of the users, use of Manuka honey creams and lotions is recommended but if you do not want to use creams and lotion then you can use raw and organic honey.

The Use of Manuka Honey can also Cause Allergic Reactions

The use of New Zealand Manuka honey is not hundred percent risk-free such as its use if highly dangerous for those people who are allergic to honey or honey bees because in this situation use of honey will cause a severe allergic reaction such as swelling and irritation of skin and vomiting and nausea. Therefore, before using Manuka honey for the treatment of seasonal allergies, you should consult to your physician and discuss your allergy history and if you are allergic to honey then you should not use the honey or any honey made product for the treatment of allergy.

New Zealand Manuka honey is also beneficial for the people who are facing the problem of a cough, flue, painful joints, arthritis, gout, stomach ulcers, stomach disorders, urinary tract infections, respiratory infections and heart infections. The Manuka honey will be dark in colour with higher concentration of minerals, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, glucose, maltose, and fructose; therefore, when you are purchasing Manuka honey then you can easily check its New Zealand quality by its colour because only the Manuka honey of New Zealand will be available in dark colour.

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