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Information about Certified YS Bee Farms

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Introduction to YS Bee Farms The YS bee farms are certified and pioneer foundation for the production of organic honey; although, they are producing organic and pure honey for many years but certification for the production of organic honey was granted in 1995. They are providing organic honey with best quality to all over the world and they are also producing all types of honey made products such as food supplements and skincare products for the convenience of their loyal customers. Therefore, if you are looking for quality brand of organic honey then always prefer YS organic honey and YS organic honey products because these will be ideal products for you and your whole family. Although, there are several other bee farm foundations which are producing organic honey but quality and taste and health benefits of honey produced in YS farms are matchless. The use of organic honey is beneficial for health and studies show that you can give organic honey to your children who are younger than five years oil as coup syrup because its use will provide instant relief during cough. The use of organic honey is also beneficial for the cure of sore throat and nasal congestion such as you can use it with lukewarm water or tea for the treatment of sore throat and nasal problems. Special Education Programs have been started for Beekeepers  The YS bee farms foundation has also started special education programs for the beekeepers and under these programs, training of beekeeping and honey collecting...

All about Honey Bee Propolis

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All about Honey Bee Propolis
Introduction to Honey Bee Propolis  The honey bee propolis is also known as bee glue and it is the substance of brown colour and studies show that like honey and honey bee venom, this propolis is also highly beneficial for the cure of infections and diseases. The propolis of honey bee contains pollens, resin, oil, amino acid and minerals and studies reveal that it also contains some vitamins; therefore, it is used for the treatment of gum diseases and its antimicrobial properties also make it an ideal cure for treatment of stomach ulcers and some types of cancers can also be avoided with the use of this propolis of honey bee. The propolis plays the role of construction material for honey bees because honey bees use it to construct and cover the hive and cracks or gaps of the hives are also filled by using this propolis; therefore, we can say that propolis is very important for the production of honey. The studies on propolis show that it is natural microorganism killer; therefore, its use will inhibit the growth of germs and bacteria in the body.  The propolis of honey bee is used in the manufacturing process of several antibiotics and other medications because it also contains antibacterial properties and you can easily get medication or tablets of propolis with or without the recommendation of your healthcare provider. The honey bee propolis contains all the properties of honey such as it is natural antiseptic, antibiotic, antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic...

Use of YS Organic Bee Honey for the Treatment of Diseases

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Use of YS Organic Bee Honey for the Treatment of Diseases
Use of YS Organic Bee Honey is Beneficial for Treatment of Gout     If you are facing the problem of gout and arthritis then the use of YS organic bee honey can be very useful for you because use of organic honey will help to eliminate the symptoms of gout and arthritis. The use of honey will help to control the production of uric acid in the joints and its use will be also beneficial to remove the extra amount of uric acid from the joints and it will also prevents from the fungal infections of big toe. The use of honey will eliminate the inflammation and pain of joints; therefore, you should use honey for the treatment of gout and severe gout pain. The organic honey of New Zealand is highly beneficial for the treatment of back pain but you should not use this honey in raw form to control back pain because creams and lotions for controlling pain has been manufactured for the convenience of the sufferers and the main ingredients of these creams and lotions if organic honey. You can use Manuka honey creams for the treatment of wounds and infections and it is also important to note that Manuka honey therapy cream is also available for the treatment of skin problems and infections and you can use it for the treatment of your infections with the advice of your dermatologist or healthcare provider. If you want to get complete information about the skincare products and other products of YS organic bee honey then you visit the official website of YS organic honey and in this way you...

Know about Bee Honey Products

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Benefits of Bee Honey Products Many of us will be using bee honey products but we will not have information that these are honey bee products; the most common product of honey bee is the bee pollen and it is important to note that his bee pollen will be quite different from the pollens that cause allergies because it is used for the treatment of allergies. The bee pollen is highly beneficial for the health because it has rich nutritional values such as it contains the minerals, high concentration of proteins, fatty acids, vitamins and carbohydrates and it is instant energy booster; therefore, tonic of bee pollen will be highly beneficial for athletes. The use of bee pollen is also beneficial for those people who are facing the problem of high cholesterol because bee pollen contains lower concentration of cholesterol. The people who are facing the problem of overweight should use the tonic of bee pollen because amount of calories in the bee pollen is also very low; therefore, you should add bee pollen into your diet because its use is highly beneficial for the stimulation of organs of body. The bee pollen also contains the higher concentration of bioflavonoid which is helpful to eliminate the bacterial attacks in the body. The bee wax is also included among the bee honey products and bees use it for the preparation of honeycomb and this bee wax is highly beneficial for the treatment of acne and other skin problem. Therefore, it is the main ingredients of many skincare products...