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All about Manuka Health Manuka Honey

Posted by : | On : 31-05-2013 | Comments (0)

What is Manuka Health Manuka Honey?

The Manuka health Manuka honey means that how important Manuka honey is for your health; the use of honey for the benefit of mankind is not new because honey has been used for benefit of humans since ancient times. Now, new technology and research have modified the way of using honey for the benefit of mankind such as in the past, honey was directly used for the treatment of wounds and infections but now it is available in pasteurized and sterilized form. In the past, honey was used in raw form but now you can get creams and lotions of honey for the protection of your skin, wounds, and treatment of diseases.

The Manuka honey is dark color honey which is produced in New Zealand and Manuka honey of New Zealand is considered the world’s best honey brand; therefore, its demand is higher as compared to all other brands of honey. Although, several other countries are also producing the Manuka honey by adopting the honey production method of New Zealand studies show that taste, flavor and health benefits of these varieties of Manuka honey will be very different from the Manuka honey of New Zealand.

The Manuka honey of New Zealand contains verified methylglyoxal compounds and a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide and this higher concentration will be developed into honey due to the environment and characteristics of Manuka tree; that’s why Manuka honey of other countries cannot beat the taste and medical benefits of this honey. The Manuka health Manuka honey facts show that Manuka honey is a great blessing for those people who are facing the problem of a migraine and asthma because both of these diseases are considered incurable but the use of honey will help to fight against these diseases.

Don’t Give Manuka honey to Children who are under Four Year Age

The Manuka health Manuka honey facts show that use of this honey is not suitable for the children who are younger than four years.

because the use of this honey for children can cause severe allergic reactions but you can give it as cough syrup to your children who are older than four years. You should buy the non-pasteurized Manuka honey with live enzymes for the use of children and if your child is asthmatic then it is the best remedy to eliminate the severe symptoms of asthma such as contraction of air passages, wheezing, and cough at night.

The Manuka health Manuka honey facts express that only those varieties of the Manuka honey will be beneficial which contain more than 50% pollens of Manuka tree and if your purchased honey does not contain this amount of pollens of Manuka flowers then it will be not effective for the treatment of wounds. The Manuka of honey of Australia is also good in taste and its health benefits are high; therefore, you can use it as a substitute of Manuka honey of New Zealand but always use it in raw form and you should not buy pasteurized honey because pasteurization process will decrease the effectiveness of this honey.


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