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Raw Manuka Honey-Pros and Cons

Posted by : | On : 21-04-2013 | Comments (0)

Benefits of Using Raw Manuka Honey

The role of honey is very important in both food industry as well as medicine industry and the use of raw honey is very beneficial for the health; therefore, you should keep it in your homes as the instant home remedy to  fight against small cuts, wounds and other health problems. The Manuka honey is produced in New Zealand and then it is exported to the whole world and it is reported that Manuka honey has become the world’s largest selling brand of honey due to its natural and pure taste and its health benefits. In this article, we will discuss about raw Manuka honey benefits for our health because it is considered that raw honey can be more beneficial for health as compared to refined honey.

The Manuka honey is derived from the nectar of Manuka bushes and Manuka is cultivated in New Zealand and modern research on Manuka honey show that this honey contains properties of anti-bacterial, anti-septic and antiviral; therefore, its use is highly beneficial for the treatments of wounds, cuts and yeast and fungal infections. The Manuka honey can be used either in raw form or refined form because it will be equally effective in both forms.

The raw Manuka honey is useful for wound-healing and its use for repairing of wounds will keep your wounds free from the infections and allergies and as honey is the best moisture absorber; therefore, it will save your wounds from any yeast infections. Due to the health promoting properties of Manuka honey, this honey is on the top of list of super foods or power foods and it is also known as magical home remedy to cope with all types of infections and diseases.

The raw Manuka honey also contain the glucose oxidise which is very helpful to inhibit the growth of bacterial and other viral infections; It is reported by the Waikato Honey Research Unit of New Zealand that Manuka also has non-peroxide properties and these properties increase the strength of Manuka honey for medical purposes. The use of Manuka honey is raw form is useful to treat the stomach problems and disorders of digestive system and the people who are facing the problem of stomach ulcers should also use Manuka honey because it will reduce the inflammation and swelling of stomach.

Manuka Honey is the best Cure to Eliminate the Symptoms of Acid Reflux   

The raw Manuka honey is also helpful to reduce the intensity of symptoms of several diseases such as use of Manuka honey will be beneficial in case of sore throat and sinus problems will provide relief from the irritation and inflammation. You can use it for the treatment of acne and different types of allergies and if you are facing the problem of ringworm then you should use Manuka honey. The use of Manuka honey is also effective for the treatment of acid reflux and heartburn and it is reported that regular use of this honey will eliminate the risks of heart attack.

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