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Facts about Manuka Honey Wound Healing

Posted by : | On : 19-03-2013 | Comments (0)

Introduction to Manuka Honey Wound Healing

Honey is the natural home remedy for wound healing and now physicians recommend the use of pure and organic honey for the treatment and healing of wounds because modern research on honey has been explored that it contains natural enzymes which are highly beneficial to repair cellular damages and wounds. The Manuka honey wound healing properties are higher as compared to wound healing properties of any other variety of honey; therefore, always prefer Manuka honey for wound healing and if it is possible then use only raw Manuka honey for the treatment of ailments and wounds.

It is reported that all varieties of honey contain the natural enzymes for the production of hydrogen peroxide; therefore, all varieties of honey contain the higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide and this concentration of hydrogen peroxide make it ideal for the cure of wounds, small cuts, burns and ailments. The hydrogen peroxide is the natural anti-biotic and it also contains the properties of anti-septic; therefore, honey is used for the dressing of wounds because it does not only heal the wounds but it also protects wounds from bacterial and viral attacks.

The concentration of hydrogen peroxide is higher in the Manuka honey as compared to all other types of honey; therefore, Manuka honey is the most powerful cure for wound healing but do not buy the refined or processed honey for the cure of wounds because its effectiveness will be low as compared to raw honey. The Manuka honey wound healing properties show that this honey also contains non-peroxide compounds which double the anti-biotic strength of this honey; therefore, physicians and healthcare providers recommend the use of this honey during the treatment of infections and wounds.

Manuka Honey is the Active Ingredient to Wound Honey

For the convenience of the people, Wound Honey has been prepared and you can easily get this honey from the grocery or superstores for the treatment of your wounds and cuts on very affordable rates. The active ingredient of this Wound Honey is the Manuka honey of New Zealand because Manuka honey wound healing strength is very high; therefore, concentration of this honey is higher in the wound honey but you can use only raw Manuka honey for the cure of wounds and infections. The use of honey will destroy the resistance of bacteria because it will completely eliminate the moisture from the wounds and bacterial cells and in this way survival of bacteria will become impossible.               

The Manuka honey wounds healing characteristics show that it will not only repair the damage cells but it also reduces the inflammation of wounds because it also has anti-inflammatory properties. If you are facing the problem of exudating wounds then use of Manuka honey will eliminate the problem of malodour because it release gasses which will destroy the malodour. The people who are facing the problem of diabetic ulcers and wounds of necrotic tissues, they should use the Manuka honey or wound honey because honey will eliminate the pressure, swelling, pain and inflammation caused by these diseases.

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